National Features about Gigsak

2 May 2015 - The Daily Express newspaper


This two-in-one picnic blanket will protect you no matter what the weather.  Gigsak, with a waterproof base and fleece top, opens up like a giant bag and yet folds away to the size of a pillow.  Available in various designs. 


March 2015 - The Great Outdoors magazine


A technical picnic blanket? That’s what this is. The Gigsak can be turned from a picnic blanket into a survival shelter. Not one for backpacking (910g), but for bimbles around the Lakes it’s perfect.


27 January 2015 - NME Blog


This waterproof blanket doubles up as a cosy shelter, perfect for avoiding the rain and mud at festivals this year. Turn it inside out to sit inside the Gigsak and be able to watch your favourite bands whatever the weather.


7 June 2014 - Guardian Travel Section


Ever been cold on a picnic (I think we know the answer) or wet at a festival (there's an alternative)?  Then you need to get yourself a Gigsak!  This waterproof blanket with a fleece top opens up like a giant bag, so you can either decide to sit on it, put your legs in it or shelter inside it.  You'll be the envy of Glastonbury, no, really.


26 May 2013 - Sunday Times Travel Section


You know that feeling - just as the festival is rocking, a cloud heaves into view to put a damper on things. No worries: just lift up the top layer of your Gigsak and get inside. With a cosy fleece blanket on one side and a thick waterproof backing on the other, it’ll keep two music fans snug and dry until the end of the show.


29 June 2012 - Interview on Radio 2 Simon Mayo show at 18:30 Innovation Corner