How it Works

folded plaid  Gigsak ® when folded up just looks like any other picnic blanket with waterproof backing. It has both a hand handle and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.  On hot sunny days, the Gigsak can be used like a normal picnic rug. Its size is 170 x 130 cm.  
dk-026 plaid sitting on with daisy  dk-015 daisy sitting plus plaid 
 Available in bright plaid with black waterproof backing...  ...or funky daisy with burgundy waterproof backing. 
But it’s not always hot and sunny at outdoor events. On cooler days, it’s often your legs that start to feel the cold. Gigsak has a second layer of waterproof backing so you can open it like a giant bag.  dk-028 plaind sitting in  
dk-021 daisy sitting in Use the inside corner handles to turn it inside out and put your legs in it and keep warm. It’s big enough for 2 or 3 people to use in this way.   
What about a sudden shower – getting wet feels miserable and can put a dampener on what otherwise is a great day out. So when it rains you just turn the Gigsak inside out and you can sit inside it. The waterproof backing will provide shelter from a shower.    dk-035 sitting isnide
dk-029 sitting inside 
  Go to a gig – take the sack – Gigsak ®